Responsible production

Ever since KARMAMIA Copenhagen was founded in 2016, responsibility towards our planet has been a deeply integrated part of our way of acting in the fashion industry. Responsibility for all parts of our production is an important part of who we are.

We have a comprehensive effort for the environment instead of single-mindedly focusing on individual elements such as materials, accessories or certificates.

A sustainable piece of clothing is one that is made responsibly AND one that is durable and can be worn again and again AND one that does not go out of style within months. We do not support end of season sales, instead we keep our items current by adding styles that compliment them and keep making them.


As a unique advantage we have our own sewing studio where all clothes are made by our own tailors. This means that we do not need to rely on reports about the conditions in a far away country, but we are present daily in our production and can guarantee the conditions and quality. This production solution is not the cheapest, but it allows us to carefully arrange our production according to demand and make sure that our employees have a healthy working environment. It is crucial for us to be able to have each piece of clothing in our hands and to have close daily contact with our tailors.

Disrupting the traditional wheel of the fashion industry we manufacture our clothes within the season and according to demand. By having our own production we can manufacture according to demand and thus eliminating large scale overproduction which is the number one problem for the fashion industry’s climate impact.

Our production facility is run by carbon neutral power.


We are using a wide range of materials, focusing mainly on recycled or recyclable materials. E.g. our printed satin is made from 62 % recycled polyester – this is the most eco-friendly fiber, as it can be recycled again and again. The CO2 foot-print for our satin material is appr. 5 kg. CO2 pr. 1 kg. fabric whereas cotton, silk or viscose has a foot-print of appr. 40 kg. CO2 pr. 1 kg. fabric. Our fabrics are printed and coloured in small batches according to demand.


We exclusively use packaging that contains recycled material. Our cardboard boxes are FSC certified and our plastic garment bags are made of recyclable LD-PE plastic.

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